was completely different from the present, in terms of many aspects, as , which is characterized by technology, differs from , which was different in terms of clothing, food, drink, economic and other aspects of life in which we live, so what is the difference between life in past and present? This is what we learn in the next few lines.

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difference between life in the past and present
Difference Between Life In The Past

What are the essential differences between the past and the present?

There are fundamental differences between the past and the present, where was characterized by simplicity and easy life, and this is not available in the prepared technological life we ​​live now, but there are great differences in terms of machines and tools under which we live now, so what are these essential differences? This is what we learn through the following points:

The difference between dwellings between the past and the present
The dwellings in the past were completely different from the present, while we now live in high-rise towers, and modern dwellings. In the distant and even recent past, dwellings were built with mud, wood, mud bricks and other construction tools, and then the matter has now evolved into building with reinforced iron, cement and other modern construction tools.

Life In The Past & The Present

Clothes between the past and the present

It is one of the most distinguishing features of the present and the past through clothing that is completely different in terms of shape and form, as there are now many types of different modern clothes that indicate human development, while clothes differed in the past in terms of design, fabrics and other aspects in which clothes are made.

and present

Education between the past and the present

There is a great difference between educational means between the past and the present, where education was limited to men in most countries and was dependent on religious educational institutions and not official government, but now women crowd out men in education, in addition to the difference and development of educational means until we reached distance education via distance learning. way of internet sites.

difference between life in the past and present
& The Present

Transportation and transportation and the difference between the past and the present
The means of transportation and transportation in the past depended on animals, horses and camels, which moved to more sophisticated transportation such as trains, cars, planes and many other transportations that we use in our daily lives.

Life In The Past & The Present

Difference Between Past and Present Lifestyles in terms of Food Habits

Changes in Food Habits:

Past: Before Stone Age, people used to eat fruits, leaves and anything they found from the forest. But, this habit changed into hunting animals, preserving food items and planting and growing vegetables, which eventually led into farming different crops like maize, corn, and rice. People were healthy, they rarely had  diseases and never needed extra exercise cause their daily work kept their bodies running.

Present:  At present, we have turned the agriculture into a mass scale production, including machinery, technology, pesticides and weedicides, all which came in with the green revolution. With green revolution agriculture and the traditional farming culture turned upside down. As for now, farmers who are able to cope up with the multi-national cooperation’s and their large-scale, expensive products, pesticides and high-yielding varieties of seeds, keep producing crops for the market. Yet the traditional, low-income farmers even today, especially in Asian countries, are in a dire state.

Fast food is another major factor in modern food habits. Although many people find it convenient, it leads to many health conditions. Today people are unhealthy, needs medicine and functions on diets and exercise machines.Difference Between Past and Present Lifestyle

Past lifestyle was based on agriculture.

Difference Between Past and Present Lifestyles in terms of Economy

Past: With the Agriculture based economy, people bartered goods.

Present: We are today moving towards an industrial economy which is cooperating with the service sector; as a survival factor agriculture keeps these two sectors running in a successful way by giving the needed supply for their daily demand on food consumption.

Difference Between Past and Present Lifestyles and Clothing

Past:  In the past, people used to wear simple clothes made out of dry leaves; later, they slowly moved into different types of clothing. With the industrial revolution, this situation changed. People who had to work in industries had to cover themselves up in order to make sure they didn’t get exposed to the chemicals or any other harmful things. Therefore, long dresses, full body covered clothes came into the society. Later clothing changed in terms of the place you lived, your culture, ethnicity, and religion. For example, Indians used to cover themselves up with salwar, sarees, etc. whereas the western Europe people tend to cover themselves up according to the climate; shorts in warm areas and jeans in cold regions.

Life between the past and the present is completely different, and we have learned through this article many important aspects about the and the present.