, We all took history classes in school

while some of us recall specific dates and in order to pass tests, few of us recall some of these historical events and what occurred during them. We’ll wow you with the amount of misinformation we gathered. “This is ancient history,” we remark when referring to events that occurred in the distant past. Then there’s something that happened recently, which we normally associate with our grandparents, as well as things that happened “only a few years ago” and in the modern day. However, you’d be astonished at how many mistakes we make. You’ll be even more astonished when you discover how certain items overlap in ways that we’re unaware of. Here is a small list of really amazing historical facts.

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  1. Women’s rights and space
Historical Overlaps
Historical Overlaps

While women’s rights are still something we talk about to this day,

and women and men in many countries are still not seen as equal, we like to think that basic human rights were granted to women some time ago. Because it looks like a priority, right? But you would be wrong. In 1971, the United States drove a lunar module onto the lunar surface, the third landing on the moon. But it was the year that Swiss women gained the right to vote in elections.

  1. Harvard Calculus
Historical Overlaps
Historical Overlaps 01 Which Will Be Resurrected With Time 2

When you think of Harvard you usually think of smart people who usually do complex math, but that’s not the case. In fact, Harvard University was built before the discovery of calculus. The university was built in 1636, and calculus was discovered at least thirty years later. As such, students did not study calculus at Harvard at this time.

  1. Governors Palace and Plymouth Rock
Historical Overlaps

Plymouth Rock is an archaeological site that marks the place where William Bradford and the Mayflower Pilgrims got off the ship and set up the colony. It is one of the founding moments in American history. 1620 was the year it all began in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Meanwhile, in New Mexico, they already have a 10-year conservative mansion. They had a governing body when the Pilgrims only landed in Plymouth.

  1. Queen Elizabeth II and Marilyn Monroe
Historical Overlaps

We think of Marilyn Monroe as a star from the past.

Even though we know she died young, it still feels like a long time ago. But you will be surprised to learn that the Hollywood star was born in the same year as the current Queen of the United Kingdom, who is 94 years old today. They met once at a movie premiere in London when they were both 30.

  1. Auschwitz and MacDonald
Historical Overlaps

We’ve never seen any relationship between the two

but MacDonald’s was founded in the 1940’s, a few days before the first residents moved to Auschwitz. Kind of bleak, don’t you think? While people in Europe are sent to concentration camps, America has been enjoying the first taste of McDonald’s burgers.

  1. Harriet the Turtle and Charles Darwin
Historical Overlaps

We know turtles live very long lives, but there was a turtle named Harriet who actually got Charles Darwin and only died in 2006. How cool is that? I mean, she’s a turtle, so she didn’t know how important the meeting was, but she’s still impressive.

  1. Woolly Mammoth and the Pyramids
Historical Overlaps

Mammoths became extinct a long time ago. When we talk about them, we think of them as prehistoric creatures, but they were still alive, well, when the Egyptians started building the pyramids. Isn’t that strange? We never think that people and mammoths exist at the same time.

  1. Aztec Empire and Oxford
Historical Overlaps

Which one was there first? You might have thought it was the Aztec Empire, founded in 1428. But in fact, Oxford had already flourished and prospered for centuries before the Aztec Empire even existed. Oxford is one of the oldest universities in the world and has no founding history. But we do know that people were studying at Oxford already in 1096. It is said that the university actually came much earlier than that.

  1. Anne Frank and Martin Luther King
Historical Overlaps

It seems that a lot of celebrities were born in the same year.

We already know that the Queen of the United Kingdom and Marilyn Monmore were born in the same year. But it turns out that Anne Frank and Martin Luther King were also born in the same year. It would definitely be interesting to see what these two would talk about if they met.

  1. Guillotine and Star Wars

The guillotine looks like an ancient method of execution, and it must call for times when people gather to witness the death penalty. But did you know that it was the only legal method of execution in France until 1981 when the death penalty was abolished? To be fair, use has been slow for a few years before that. The last person executed by a guillotine in France died in 1977. And guess what, that was the year Star Wars came out in the United States.