Still, or EIN, you may be wondering whether you still have to put your Social Security number on your business credit card operation, If your small business is big enough to have an Employer Identification Number. Is it possible to get a small business credit card without an SSN? And can you apply for a business card with EIN only?

Well, conceivably — but numerous business credit card issuers bear your SSN during the operation process. Credit card issuers cover themselves by making sure you can back your credit card with a particular guarantee, which means they ’re presumably going to use your SSN to conduct an inquiry into your particular credit.

Business Credit Card With EIN 2022

Nearly all of moment’s stylish small business credit cards bear an SSN — but once your business is large enough to apply for commercial credit cards, you might be suitable to get business credit with just an EIN. These EIN credit cards frequently have strict operation rules, and some types of small businesses wo n’t qualify. That said, if you want to keep your business and your particular finances separate, you ’re going to want to know how to get a business card without an SSN.

Can you get a business credit card without SSN?
In utmost cases, you can not get a business credit card without an SSN. Small business credit cards bear a particular guarantee, which means that you come tête-à-tête responsible for any debt that your business can not pay off. This is why credit card issuers frequently check your particular credit before issuing you a business credit card — and in order to perform a hard credit inquiry on your particular credit, they need your Social Security number.

Leslie Tayne, fiscal attorney and author of Life & Debt, says applying for a business credit card without an SSN can be an laboriousprocess.However, you’ll have to fill out a great deal of paperwork and go through some bureaucracy,” she says, “ If you do n’t have a Social Security number. “ Indeed after that, you may still have a delicate time chancing a business card lender that will authorize you for a card without a Social Security number.”

When can you get a business card without an SSN? If you apply for a commercial credit card, you may not need to give a particular guarantee — but commercial credit cards are different from small business credit cards, and a commercial card may not be the stylish fit for your business.

Not only that, but getting eligible for a commercial card frequently requires periodic profit in the millions of bones, as well as at least 15 or further druggies of the account within the association. Certain business structures are also needed for companies who want to come eligible for a commercial credit card, and sole possessors and small businesses veritably infrequently make the cut.


What’s an EIN?
An EIN, or Employer Identification Number, is a nine- number duty identification number assigned to sole possessors, pots, hookups, estates, trusts, hand withdrawal plans and other realities for duty form and reporting purposes. This number works nearly like an SSN for your business.

Still, the IRS recommends applying for an EIN online, If you want to add an EIN to your small business. Then’s a three- step companion to help you through the process

Determine whether you ’re eligible for an EIN. Your top business must be located in theU.S. orU.S. homes. You must have a valid taxpayer identification number (SSN, ITIN, EIN) to apply for a new EIN, and you’re limited to one EIN per responsible party per day.
Complete the operation in one sitting. You wo n’t be suitable to save and return at a after time, and your session will expire after 15 twinkles of inactivity.
Submit your operation. You ’ll get your EIN incontinently after completing the operation. You can also download, save and publish your EIN evidence notice.

Business Credit Cards With ein For Fair Credit To Create New LLC Business, Approval As Sole Proprietor
Business Credit Cards With ein For Fair Credit To Create New LLC Business, Approval As Sole Proprietor

Benefits of business credit with just an EIN
Some people want to apply for a business card with EIN only rather of an SSN because they do n’t want their particular credit score to affect their eligibility for a business credit card. Other people want to keep their particular and business finances separate — and to keep any implicit business finance issues from negatively affecting their particular credit.

Why would a business’s fiscal difficulties affect your particular credit? Two reasons. First, applying for a business credit card that requires a particular guarantee means that you ’ll be tête-à-tête responsible for any balances added to the card. This includes credit card debt that your business can not go to pay off in full.

The alternate reason is a little more complicated. Businesses have credit scores just like individualities do, and in some cases lenders will report small business credit card exertion to both the business credit divisions and the particular credit divisions. This means that your business credit card could appear on your particular creditreport.However, your business credit card exertion could hurt your particular credit score, If you miss a payment on your business credit card or run up high credit card balances during low cash inflow months.

So when you ’re considering the benefits of business credit with just an EIN, the biggest benefit isn’t having to mix your particular and business finances.
Keeping business separate

Whether your provocation for getting a business card with EIN is grounded on implicit impacts to your credit or not, keeping your business finances separate from particular finances makes a lot of sense. After all, maintaining separate accounts for your business can help you stay organized for duty purposes, and it can keep you from accidentally incorporating business charges with your particular bones, or vice versa.

Having a separate business credit card can also help you earn prices on specific business charges as well as all your other spending, and some business credit cards offer gratuities geared specifically to businesses.

Still, still, you can also consider applying for a traditional business card that does n’t report to the consumer credit divisions, If the main motorist for getting a business card with EIN is your desire to limit any impact on your particular credit. You ’ll need to list your SSN on your operation, but cards that fall under this marquee wo n’t report your balances, your payments or other information to Experian, Equifax or TransUnion.

Reportedly, card issuers like Bank of America, Citi, PNC,U.S. Bank, BBVA and Wells Fargo don’t generally report any of your business card exertion to the credit divisions — not indeed late payments or accounts in dereliction. Before proceeding, make sure you confirm this for your circumstances with a client service representative.

This means that, indeed though you ’ll have to list your SSN on your business card operation, a card like the CitiBusiness ®/ AAdvantage ® Platinum Elect ® Mastercard ® or the Bank of America ® Business Advantage Trip Prices World Mastercard ® could be worth considering.

What business credit cards can you get with only an EIN?
Some credit card issuers allow you to apply for a business card with an EIN rather of an SSN, although options are limited. Then are some EIN credit cards for business worth looking into Commercial business credit cards

Commercial business credit cards allow you to take on liability through your business. You may be suitable to get a commercial credit card without a particular guarantee — in other words, your business is liable for all of the credit card debt. In some cases, commercial credit cards do n’t bear an SSN, meaning you can get a business card with EIN only.

Commercial credit cards can be an excellent option if you want to apply for a business card with an EIN. That said, commercial cards have stricter operation rules. In utmost cases only certain types of businesses are eligible, and your business may need to earn a certain profit periphery each time. Numerous issuers extend business credit with just an EIN, but only C- fraternity, S- fraternity, LLCs, or LLPs registered in theU.S. are eligible toapply.However, you might have to work a little harder to find the right commercial card for your business, If you’re a sole owner.

Commercial store credit cards
Why not consider a commercial store credit card at a store you affect regularly, similar as Staples or Office Depot? Some commercial store credit cards do n’t come with a particular liability demand, making them excellent EIN credit cards. Commercial store credit cards frequently offer specific gratuities like abatements on purchases, cash reverse options and points and prices.

Commercial gas cards
Another option is to apply for a commercial gas card or a line energy card, which may allow your company to apply without a particular guarantee. For illustration, you can get the Shell Small Business Card with your EIN if your business takes in$ 1 million in profit every time and has at least one time of business history.

Repaid business credit cards
A repaid business card is just what it sounds like You load a repaid balance onto the card in advance, also spend up to that balance. Repaid business credit cards are always low- threat for card issuers and do n’t bear a particular guarantee or an SSN. Repaid cards are also an excellent way to help you track your spending while avoiding credit card debt.

The strike to reimbursed cards is that you are n’t suitable to use them to make business credit. Still, they ’re a great result if you have a low credit score and do n’t want to tie your particular credit to your business — or if you ’re upset that you might lower your credit score indeed more if your business does n’t work out.

Alternatives to business credit with just an EIN
Since it’s delicate to get business credit with just an EIN, you should consider some druthers. The first volition is to apply for a business credit card using your Social Security number — indeed if this does n’t feel ideal. As mentioned over, you at least have the option of picking a business card issuer that does n’t report to the consumer credit divisions, similar as Citi or Bank of America.

This will be the stylish result for utmost small businesses and sole occupancies. It may also be your only option if you want to start erecting business credit and take advantage of the gratuities and prices offered by small business credit cards. Also, keep in mind you should n’t face any negative impact on your credit score if you use your card responsibly, noway make a late payment and keep your business credit application rate on the low side. These are way you should be planning to take anyway if you hope to profit from a credit card over the long run.

Still, your stylish move might be to apply for a business credit card as a sole owner using your SSN, If you’re a small- business proprietor whose business isn’t yet eligible for an EIN-only credit card like a commercial credit card.

Yes, you ’ll be tête-à-tête guaranteeing any debt you put onto the card. And yes, your particular credit score could affect your capability to get business credit. The way you use your business credit card could also affect your particular credit score, depending on what information your card issuer reports to the three major credit divisions (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion).

The alternate volition is to fund your small business without usingcredit.However, for illustration, you might be suitable to keep your small business running without applying for a small business credit card, If your business earns enough plutocrat that you do n’t need to use credit to cover operating costs. This system will keep you from having to use an SSN to apply for a business credit card, but it’ll also keep your business from erecting a solid credit history and credit score. This lack of credit history could come a problem if you ever decide to expand your business through small business loans or other forms of business credit.