Racism is one of the social diseases that has spread in all countries of the world, What Racism Means and this racism is practices carried out by some against others, and it results in many things that threaten the security and stability of society in many times, and it has many types and forms, and this is what we learn about in detail through the lines next few.
What is racism?

Racism is one of the social diseases
What Racism Means

Racism is defined as some wrong practices that are carried out through the wrong treatment of a group of people against other people, such as discrimination on the basis of religion, race, and color. Others do not live in it, and there are many shapes and colors for this racism.

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What Racism Means

Racism needs the world today

Despite the great progress that the world is experiencing today, racism still exists, and it is carried out by some against others, and examples of the racism that is sweeping the world at the moment is the racism of the Israeli occupation against the Palestinians, the racism practiced by whites against blacks, and other forms that spread In many countries of the world, we even find that racism exists in developed and democratic countries such as the United States and such as France, Germany and other developed countries, where some organizations practice hateful racism against religious, racial and ethnic minorities, racism against blacks and other forms.

What Racism Means

What are the forms of racism?

There are many forms of racism such as individual discrimination, which is racism that is practiced against individuals, such as persecution of certain individuals and depriving them of basic rights, as well as institutional discrimination, which is racism in social institutions and discrimination between workers and giving rights to certain groups at the expense of other groups, as well as legal discrimination where Unjust and unjust laws are imposed on one group to serve the interests of another group in society.

There are many dire consequences that occur because of this discrimination, as this discrimination is considered a prelude to popular anger against racist policies, as well as class and societal hatred, which threatens the stability of everyone.

What Racism Means

Types of racial discrimination

Specialists in social studies classified racial discrimination into four categories:

direct racial discrimination
It is hateful racist imagery in ways characterized by inferiority and preference for people over others, and this treatment has many dangerous consequences for the individual and society.

Indirect racial discrimination
It is because of the laws that are imposed on some specific groups in society, but indirectly, but these laws lead in another way to racism and discrimination.

It is a type of discrimination that occurs through harassment or complete neglect, neglect and marginalization of some groups, which makes them feel humiliated, pressured and psychologically afflicted.

It is racial discrimination that is done through differential treatment, whether in the workplace or in the excellence in solving problems and complaints.

Discrimination and racism are among the social diseases that everyone must abandon for the sake of the security and stability of society. Countries that witness racism are on the brink of a pit of fire that almost devours everyone.