Technology is the basis of development in our contemporary civilization, because on the basis of which modern life has been established, which has facilitated many things for man, and which harnessed science, inventions and innovations to serve mankind. Diseases and helped make human life more comfortable. What is the origin of the word technology?

Why Technology Is Good

The word technology comes from the Greek origin and is divided into two words, the first word is techno, which means skill, art or craft, and the second word is logy, which comes from the source Logos, which means science or study. So the word “technological” blinds the science of art, skill, or science based on application, skill, art and creativity. It should be noted that the word “technological” has many definitions that have been received by many, all of which have the same meaning and the general interest of humanity.

Why Technology Is Good

What areas of technology? It should be noted that technology enters into many fields, crafts, industries and areas that serve humanity and human life in general and tries to make it more comfortable and developed. Technology is the source of knowledge, science and the arts, because technology is considered the origin or inspiration for the manufacture of tools, and the treatment, research and development of all human activities, and it also works in the search for materials extraction, research and detection of everything new to serve humanity and the human race in general.

Why Technology Is Good
Why technology is good

It should be noted that there is a description of technology that also expresses its uses. It can be said that technology is the products resulting from research and development, and treatments for the problems of society and the environment, and what deals and interacts or belongs to the human race and find solutions to it, and the existing organizations to organize and develop human life, or in other words they are all that it uses The human being in order to increase his capabilities, experiences and capabilities, to save time and effort, and to reach the desired result and the desired goal. It is worth noting that the human being is the focus of technology, and since the human being is the center of technology and the basis for its establishment and development, technology must serve him and this is the reality. Technology is the applications of science, discoveries and inventions in order to solve problems and difficulties facing humans.

Why Technology Is Good

It should be noted that technology has multiple applications and uses in many fields and sciences, for example:

Technology is used in the field of information. Technology is used in the field of military operations. Technology is used in the field of medicine and its sciences.

Technology is used in the field of engineering in all its branches.

Technology is used in the field of transportation. Technology is used in aviation.

Technology is used in education and scientific research. Technology is used in education.

Technology is used to create and secure data.

Technology is used in the protection of national security and public security.

Technology is used in forensic research. Technology is used in engineering.

Technology is used in science. Technology is used in the field of human daily life.

Technology is used in the field of writing and composing. Technology is used in the field of government bodies, organizations and associations.

Why Technology Is Good

Is there a difference between science and technology?

Science and technologies are completely different from each other. Science is specific to its branches, and what it is interested in, for example, medicine is related to human or veterinary medicine and searches for everything new in the field of medicine, finding treatments and medicines, preventing diseases, performing surgeries and others. We find the science of engineering is this science of engineering, whether it is architectural, mechanical or electrical. As for technology, it is the use of science applications in order to develop and search for ways of human comfort, and it uses a lot of science together, but technology and science find that they serve the same purpose, which is serving the human being, providing effort, time and comfort for him and protecting him from dangers. For example, you find in the field of surgical operations the invention of the endoscope machine, for example, and the revolution that this device brought about in surgical operations. Endoscopy needs engineers and others in cooperation with doctors to serve doctors and surgeons. You will find that technology has integrated more than one science and its applications in the service of one science, which is medicine in one part and amalgamation Medicine and technology together have served man and all mankind. With this example, you can measure a lot in all the different fields and their applications and know the role of technology and science for the service of mankind.

Why Technology Is Good

What is the concept of technology?

Technology is the skill of integrating sciences with each other and benefiting from them and coming up with a new idea, concept or work that helps humanity and saves it a lot of effort, effort and time. It should be noted that technology for many people is in the fields of computers, advanced machines, robots, planes and missiles, and this is wrong, because the concept of technology is a more general and comprehensive concept as technology is to take advantage of all available sciences and try to benefit from them in finding modern applications that humans can use from In order to facilitate his work and make him capable of production and creativity.


In order to bring the idea closer to you, man invented bronze and used it in his wars. With research and development and the need for a stronger metal, iron appeared, and with iron, the Iron Age began, and with discoveries, the era of steam machines, the Renaissance, industry and the era of scientific research in various fields appeared. The human need was the source of research and thinking. You can consider technology as the need of the human being who searches to find a new way to invent something that helps him in his work and in implementing his need. For example, man needed to cross large areas of land. In a very short time, flight experiments began, and scientists were interested in astronomy, wind, physics and engineering, and by collecting those research, the plane appeared, which is the product of technology and development. So the plane is a result of technology, not technology itself.

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